The 1 billion mission:

Teach 1 billion people how to design their environment so that people experience excitement in life 'again' (without losing their soul). Project 1 Billion is an ambitious endeavor to change the way we approach challenges!

Our mission

One billion sounds bold. Agreed.

„We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.“ — Albert Einstein.

People are influenced by their environment at least as much as they themselves influence their environment. As a species, we are already confronted with challenges that require our maximum capabilities in order to be solved. Of course, there are also all the other challenges, that we cannot even know today. We therefore have to build on the fact that we will be able to solve them with our skills and ideas tomorrow.

We have a simple idea: take the situations in which we humans already demonstrably regularly face challenges that we know we need to grow to solve, where we natively show resilience and intuitively face the unknown in a positive way. We analyze the circumstances of these situations and adapt less attractive situations accordingly.

The most prominent representatives of such situations are games, sports and hobbies.

Welcome to - the Engagement Design School and HUB.

Roman Rackwitz I Founder of

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